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Our Missional Marks

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What does it mean to live out our mission at Neuma?  Our missional marks give us direction and focus on our journey towards being individuals Empowered ~ In Community ~ For Spokane.
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First of all, we live a life that is rooted in the healthy soil of the gospel in order to thrive.  Gospel rootedness is:


Placing the ongoing, daily confidence of your heart in 

Jesus' perfect ability to save you and to redeem creation, 

rather than relying on human strength or opinion. 

The gospel is the truth that Jesus saves, redeems, rescues, and transforms us.  


He saved us and he continues to save us.  

He justified us and he continues to sanctify us.  

He sets us free from the penalty of sin and the power of sin.  

The gospel is effective and helps us to continually receive the grace of God in the everyday stuff of life.   


We were created to plant and root our lives in the right soil and to live there, to stay there, to make our home there. This is the place you flourish!

If we are planted in the wrong soil we will just barely survive, but if we are rooted in the gospel will flourish! 


In Jeremiah 17:7-9 it says, “The person who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence indeed is the LORD, is blessed. They will be like a tree planted by water: it sends its roots out toward a stream, it doesn’t fear when heat comes, and its foliage remains green. It will not worry in a year of drought or cease producing fruit.” 

Here we picture multiple trees with their roots going into the same soil to illustrate true authentic community.  


We believe God’s word clearly tells us that if we walk in the light (authenticity) then we will have real and deep relationships with one another (fellowship).  


If we say we have no sin then we are not speaking the truth.  We all are broken and all have issues.  

We all equally need the grace of God and the good news of the gospel. Living in authentic community comes 

from viewing one another through the mercy of God and giving others the same mercy that God has given us.

Being a worshiping community helps grow us 

into an authentic community.

We need the gifts of others in the body of Christ in order to be in Authentic Community! 

(Romans 12:1-10)

Community Tree Diagram.png
Growing Tree Diagram.png

As we are rooted in God and living in authenticity with one another we also grow up and out together.  


Growing up and out is…

The daily journey of becoming more like Jesus as we mature in love for God, love for others, and Godly influence.


First of all, we grow up in maturity and the abundant fruit of the Holy Spirit, which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  


We grow up in Christ as we abide in Him.  


We learn to be Christlike and to walk by the Spirit and not by the flesh.  


We do this with loving accountability and by embracing the Holy Spirit’s work of sanctification in our life.

(1 Co 13:13, Heb 11:6, Ga 5:6,13–14, Romans 5:1-2,5)

These two activations of the gospel are: 

1. Bearing fruit.

2. Increasing

Surrendered Tree Diagram.png

The wind of the Spirit blows into our lives to animate it and bring that vibrancy we cannot have on our own.  


Just like a tree bends to the will of the wind we want to recognize our need for God and daily surrender to the will and the way of the Spirit.


We are called by Jesus to lay down our selfish and insufficient plans and submit ourselves to his calling and plans.  


This requires us to truly count the cost and be all in when it comes to our faith.

The tree must bend and surrender to the power of the wind, but the wind, in turn, empowers the tree sending out its seeds into new soil.  


God has called us to focus inward so we have deep, rich community and then turn outward to a world that so desperately needs His love.  


He takes the seeds of our lives and we are sent out to reach the world with the good news of the gospel and to invite others into his amazing family.  


We are a church called to be the voice and hands of Jesus to the suffering and sin in the world around us.  


We are called to care for the poor (we are all poor), to bring healing to the wounded (we are all in need of healing), and to love as Jesus did by laying our lives down.  


The world is full of injustice and pain and if anyone should be a voice of truth and bring hands full of healing it should be Jesus’ church!

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